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As always, I like to gather links that are interesting to fans. If you know a link to something cool that you would like seeing here, you can send it to me using the form at the extras page, just paste it on the comments section and tell me a bit about it and why you like it :D.
Skinnyred @ Twitter
In case you're wondering which one's Zion.T's twitter, it's this one :D
Zion.T's Facebook
He has a facebook where he shares stuff with the fans, which not many other artists do!
Zion.T Fans @ Twitter
This twitter account keeps you updated with everything related to Zion.T, it's useful for fancams, pictures and dates of concerts, keeping up with his agenda...
FuckyeahZion.T @ Tumblr
There are a lot of Tumblr accounts dedicated to Kpop artists around, this one has a lot of media about him.


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