In Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason encounters a strange, mysterious man called Vincent Smith. He is a Silent Hill inhabitant and turns out to be Father Vincent, the priest of the Order. However, despite being responsible of expanding the cult and building up the church, Vincent oposes to the rebirth of God. But we will get there in the next sections. All we know when he first comes into scene is that he acts like he wants to help Heather and says that he knows everything about her. That's not saying much, we don't know if he is friend or foe, but that's just how Vincent is.

Personal traits

Vincent is a young (24 to 26 years old) male. He has brown hair and heterochromic eyes (green in the outer rim and brown in the inner rim). Speaking about his eyes... have you noticed? He has different sized pupils. This is called anisocoria and while we don't know why he has it, we know it's related to a number of causes which you can read here.
However, I've read that some people believe such features are related to the occult and dark forces. So maybe it's just a trait they decided to implement in Vincent because he is, indeed, an occultist.
Besides that, it's also been pointed out in several wikis and forum pages that Vincent has "one eye looking directly at the player, and the other eye looking away, which is known as false attention"
-Silent Hill @ Wikia.
I've been doing research for the false attention but found nothing of help. If you know something about this and would like to explain to me, I'll be glad to hear from you! Just contact me :D

You can also observe that he has signifficantly worse dental hygiene than any other character in the game... haha! I don't know why this is? Maybe it's just because they wanted to give this image of Vince where he is not really the guy you would trust when stumbling upon him. In the dark. In an abandoned place. Yeah.
It's worth noting that, in early instances, Vincent's design was inspired by Ethan Hawke. In fact I think I can see some sort of resemblance, at least in his face structure... Anyway, the final design and name was inspired on Vincent Gallo, a writer, director and actor of independent movies like Buffalo '66, for his unshaven look, according to game developers.

His personality goes well with his looks. He is a mischevious man, described as a hypocrite with nice clothes by the designer of the game, Shingo Yuri. He dresses well and has a strong appearance, but with bits and pieces of decay in him. This means that he's not a good person or a person one should rely on. One shouldn't forget that, while he isn't actually harming or going against Heather, he is not helping her out either. At least not just for her, he does it for his own good. We will talk about this in the purpose section.