This is the updates log for Fiction in Fiction.

November, 25th 2017
I'm SO HAPPY to announce that I built a fanlisting and shrine for Christian Slater. Omg. He's my favourite actor and I love him a lot, so as you can imagine, I'm quite proud of it! Please join if you are a fan :3

November, 12th 2017
I've been quite productive lately. I've cleaned up the updates and limited them to one in the index page and also created an updates log, which you can see below the last update :D! I also finished my fanlisting for Roger of American Dad! Go join if you are a fan please!

November, 10th 2017
I built up the fanlisting for one of my top favourite wrestlers in the WWE, Dean Ambrose! I don't know how many wrestling fans will see this, but I'm a proud owner of this fanlisting :D So please join if you are a fan!

October, 19th 2017
I've just finished and sent in my fanlisting (which will also become a shrine, just give me the time!) for Alessa Gillespie of Silent Hill!

September 29th, 2017
New fanlisting and shrine in the network! Yay! This time it's Vincent Smith of Silent Hill 3! I'm having so much fun writing for this shrine, so please take a look and join if you are a fan!

September 20th, 2017
I'm updating because I revived two of my old fanlistings! One is for Charlotte, one of my favourite japanese bands :3 And the other is The Sims 1 series fanlisting!! Please join if you are a fan ♥

September 13th, 2017
HI! How's everyone doing? I hope good! Anyway, my latest shrine & fanlisting addition is for Tobias Forge. I'M SO EXCITED. I made a super duper parallax design for it ♥ And I think it became what I envisioned for it! Please do check it out!

I've also revamped the network section, now it looks prettier!

September 10th, 2017
I've finally revamped the network! Fiction in Fiction now has a new layout :D It features the lovely Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain and I'm in love with it, even though it's not what I originally intended it to be!