This is the updates log for Fiction in Fiction.
March, 6th 2019
I'm on a roll!! I finally got around building up the Vandal Hearts II fanlisting, in addition to the Lucca Ashtear and Quina Quen fanlistings! Please visit and join if you are a fan!

March, 5th 2019
FINALLY, I got my ass moving and I built up the Lucca Ashtear and Quina Quen fanlistings! Please visit and join if you are a fan!

December, 9th 2018
I created my first clique ever! It's a female hero clique where you can claim a female character from a videogame that represents you :D Please join and get your friends to join too!

November, 29th 2018
I have a new fanlisting up! This time it's for one of my favourite movies since I was a child, Legend (1985)! I want to thank my good friend Andi for the codes and members list, that I will add later today!

November, 19th 2018
Hi! I've been working in the shadows and finally got to update the network. I've been working on various fanlistings, I'll make an update as soon as these get finally listed :D. I also added some affiliates to some of my fanlistings. Not much to say for now, except that I'm planning on making a new design for this network! See you on the next update! ♥
June, 5th 2018
I've added two new fanlistings to the network! This time videogame related: FFVIII's Angelo and Pokémon - Magikarp!

May, 30th 2018
I finally got the time to sit down and build up the Queen of the Damned movie fanlisting!

May, 8th 2018
I have a couple of new fanlistings and a new link exchange! The new fanlistings are for Bender and Frink! You don't know how happy I am to own these!

And my new link exchange is the amazing Todd of Nevermore! He has amazing shrines and fanlistings and is really nice overall, so please check him out! :D

May, 6th 2018
I added a couple of cool things to the site! First, I added a radio with 5 songs, the link is in the navigation at the top. Be sure to check back again sometime to see which new songs I've added :D! The second thing I added is a tagboard. Oh boy, has it been a long LONG time without having one of those! You can also find it above. I love having these thingies, they kind of spice things up and remind me of good old 2006 haha!.
I'm also working on a lot of fanlistings and plan on doing some great things soon, so please stay tuned and let me know if you read me♥
May, 4th 2018
I gave my fanlistings collective a new layout! It features my beloved Nao of Kagrra, on his Karisuma Sensei outfit. THOSE WERE THE TIMES BABY. Anyway, you can see it in action below!

May, 3d 2018
I've been working on this site for a couple of years and it's finally out! This is a guide to fanlisting making, which I'm hopeful will help people new to the hobby! I've only written a couple of guides yet, so I'll be updating the site regularly from now on :3

May, 2nd 2018
I'm proud to announce I finally sent Andi an email to get our sites affiliated! It's important to me because ALL of her fanlistings are amazing and we share interests. Go check her site out if you still haven't, although I highly doubt it ♥

April, 30th 2018
NEW DESIGN FOR THE NETWORK!! Featuring the amazing Tobias Forge. I just can't help it! ♥ I also have a new fanlisting up! It was also adopted from Carla and it's the fanlisting for BUCK-TICK!

April, 25th 2018
I have a new fanlisting up! It was adopted from Carla and it's the fanlisting for Vyse of Skies of Arcadia!.

April, 11th 2018
I'm proud to announce a new addition to my fanlistings! It's the Type O Negative fanlisting. Type O Negative is one of my favourite bands (number one is Ghost, then above number one is Type O Negative in an honorific and distinctive place xD). Anyway, I hope you join the fanlisting if you are a fan!

March, 10th 2018
Sorry for the absence! I've been really bussy with other stuff in my life lately. I haven't worked on any new sites or fanlistings, but I'm going to apply for a new fanlisting or two just about now xD I hope everyone is having a great time in general and to be back soon with more stuff for everyone to enjoy!
November, 25th 2017
I'm SO HAPPY to announce that I built a fanlisting and shrine for Christian Slater. Omg. He's my favourite actor and I love him a lot, so as you can imagine, I'm quite proud of it! Please join if you are a fan :3

November, 12th 2017
I've been quite productive lately. I've cleaned up the updates and limited them to one in the index page and also created an updates log, which you can see below the last update :D! I also finished my fanlisting for Roger of American Dad! Go join if you are a fan please!

November, 10th 2017
I built up the fanlisting for one of my top favourite wrestlers in the WWE, Dean Ambrose! I don't know how many wrestling fans will see this, but I'm a proud owner of this fanlisting :D So please join if you are a fan!

October, 19th 2017
I've just finished and sent in my fanlisting (which will also become a shrine, just give me the time!) for Alessa Gillespie of Silent Hill!

September 29th, 2017
New fanlisting and shrine in the network! Yay! This time it's Vincent Smith of Silent Hill 3! I'm having so much fun writing for this shrine, so please take a look and join if you are a fan!

September 20th, 2017
I'm updating because I revived two of my old fanlistings! One is for Charlotte, one of my favourite japanese bands :3 And the other is The Sims 1 series fanlisting!! Please join if you are a fan ♥

September 13th, 2017
HI! How's everyone doing? I hope good! Anyway, my latest shrine & fanlisting addition is for Tobias Forge. I'M SO EXCITED. I made a super duper parallax design for it ♥ And I think it became what I envisioned for it! Please do check it out!

I've also revamped the network section, now it looks prettier!

September 10th, 2017
I've finally revamped the network! Fiction in Fiction now has a new layout :D It features the lovely Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain and I'm in love with it, even though it's not what I originally intended it to be!