Tobias Jens Forge was born in March 3, 1981 in Linköping, Sweden. He is a musician, vocalist and songwriter, although he also plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboard (or has played in previous projects).
Tobias is currently the frontman for the band Ghost, after much mystery he's come out to speak about it and about himself in a swedish podcast recently.
Besides Ghost, he's been in the following bands: Crashdïet, Superior, Subvision, Repugnant and Magna Carta Cartel.

Tobias wanted to keep his identity a secret, didn't want anyone to know that he was behind Papa Emeritu's mask, he also never wanted anyone to know much about him, until recently. I think he preferred to be the one to speak about his life than having people speculating. Tobias also never wanted people to know too personal facts about him, which I'm respecting in writing this fansite ♥
So all there is to know, you can find it in the Sommar P1 Sverige podcast in which he participated on August 17 of 2017. Don't worry, I don't know swedish either! But we can be thankful for this translation and we can listen to the podcast online, too!

I would like to wrap things up by saying that Tobias has become my favourite voice and musician. I love his works in Subvision, Magna Carta Cartel and Repugnant. Also, Ghost is my favourite band for obvious reasons and he never fails to amaze me.
I appreciate all his music and I'm actually very nervous about Ghost's next release! All I can say about him are good things. He talked in depth about his life in the podcast and now we can understand him a little better. Sometimes, a musician's background gives insight about their works, at least I think so.

This information section is not really long, because I want to respect Tobia's intimate life! This is not the place for rumours or extreme fangirling, we are here to appreciate the man and his work :D So I hope I was of help and feel free to contact me about anything related to Tobias or the bands I mentioned!

Tobias has a wide variety of music projects under his sleeve. He's been playing in bands since an early age, also inspired by all the music and things that his older brother showed him when growing up. He is highly influenced by punk, which we can notice listening to Pearls for Pigsnawps, one of his releases with the band Subvision.
Besides that, he is also into death metal, which shows in his Repugnant project.

In an interview last July 2017 he said that some of his main musical references were The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses and King Diamond. He also said he currently admires artist Sia and that he was mentored by Metallica.
Also, when asked about which Ghost song he was most proud of, he explained that when on tour, he doesn't think too much about their own material because it becomes like a part of them and just goes through their body. He also explained that he doesn't think it's a burden to play the same songs over and over again because he likes to, kind of, have a conversation with the audience through their songs. Also, he says about Cirice: ‘hmm, that got quite OK. I like it.' Meaning that Cirice is one of the songs he's most proud of! He says it's one of those in which there's sort of a natural movement.
-Read the whole article.

Personal opinion: I'm glad he finds Cirice to be one of his favourite. It's one hell of a song! His vocals in it are amazing and the musical arrangement is delicious. I can understand how playing it for all the fans should become one of his favourite parts of a ritual :D.


It's not a secret anymore: Tobias Forge was going to release a solo album called Passiflora. We don't know anything about it except that he even performed one of his songs in a Magna Carta Cartel concert once. The song's titled Breeze and you can see a video of the performance below (subs in Spanish for any fellow Spanish speaking fans, thanks to Arantxa Bernadotte).

The album was going to have the following songs. Personally, I hope Tobias will surprise us in the future releasing it! It sounds a lot like Subvision + MCC, which makes me so, SO happy.

The Breeze
Lucifer & Lucia
In Enigma Schiffer
House of Affection ↓↓↓keep reading for more info!
Savant Garde
Red Lights
Mary Says

House of Affection was leaked in September 2017. All I know is that one day the song was linked all around fansites and tumblr and everyone knew of it's existence. But the song was in a rather obscure website that had up a brief profile of Tobias Forge and just the link to this song? I'm glad I could live this moment because it was quite interesting and amusing, to say the least!
I think he may have brought the attention to the song himself, which could mean that he's currently thinking about his solo album? But this is just my own speculation! I like to think this because since I built up this fansite and talked about Passiflora, all these events have unfolded and I'm anxious about it xD But anyway! No matter how, we have House of Affection and you can listen to it below!

His lyrics

It's obvious that his taste in lyrics have gone a long way. I love his Subvision songs. The lyrics tell stories that could have happened, to him or anyone, they talk about love, broken hearts, death, feelings, they are sometimes playful and sometimes sad. Overall, the songs talk by themselves, accompanied by the beautiful instrumentals and Tobias' voice, it's enough to make us travel to dreamy situations and watch them as if they were movies. It's a shame we don't have music videos for any of Subvision's songs, honestly. But that also helps us work with our imagination and think more deeply about the lyric work.

Now, talking about movies and dreamy landscapes, I think Magna Carta Cartel is the perfect embodiment of what I'm trying to explain. He's no longer part of MCC and I'm unsure of Tobias' involvement in the lyrics of the songs, since he wasn't the vocalist for MCC. But MCC describes themselves currently as Rock/Pop/Dream/Nightmare music, which is the perfect description for what I was trying to convey in this section!

Lyrics for Ghost are another story completely. You can see people get worked up about the satanic connotations of the band, but Tobias has previously explained that, if anything, his songs talk about humanity, about feelings and fears that most people suffer. His songs use the satanic and dark connotations as a satire for many day to day problems and situations (religion, moralism, classism, you name it). And also because the dark and satanic atmosphere is cool!
Accompanied by the image of Papa Emeritus, everything comes together as a theatrical act where satire is a big part of the show but where feelings are also poured into each one of the songs played. It's nothing to be too serious about, but also not to be taken as a joke. Ghost is what it is: an amazing band with great lyrics, astonishing music and beautiful pressence. If we decide to look deeper into the lyrics or not, is up to us. But Ghost is a very talented and enjoyable band with an interesting concept, nonetheless.

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My name's Janna and I'm a spanish girl who loves music and webdesign. I'm the owner of this shrine and fanlisting and I'll be glad to hear from you! So you can use my contact page to do so ^^

As I said, my main motivation to make and run this shrine and fanlisting was my love for Tobias (love in the sense that I love his personality and music, don't think I'm crazy or anything >_>). I know there's not many places besides maybe Tumblr or reddit where people can read about him or contribute stuff. I also loved writing the little essays about his music, projects and lyrics! My favourite part of this shrine is the Passiflora section because that's something I want to see released in the future and feels like an impossible dream to me!

I also have fanlistings for Ghost and Subvision, which is actually a shrine too where you will find my lyric analysis and other informations :3

What else can I say? I just love the man. And I haven't been able to attend any Ghost shows so this is my humble way of showing appreciation for him ♥

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Why is it called Scenario? Scenario is my favourite Subvision song. I thought it sounded catchy and it deffinitely has something of Tobias in it... since he wrote it :D And I love the "story" of the song. So yeah! Scenario it is!
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