One of the main ideas why I wanted to create this Subvision shrine was to be able to write and share my lyric analysis of their songs while sharing their lyrics.
Every time I listen to So far so noir I find myself analyzing the songs and wondering about their meanings. Some of them are obvious but others scape my mind!
So here you have the lyrics to each of Subvision's songs with an article written by yours truly, analyzing the lyrics and rambling a bit about them because that's what I do! If you also do that and would like to get in touch about it, you could always contact me :D

So far so noir (2006)
Room 611 -New!
More coming soon! I'm working on this section and it should be updated over the next months!

Scenario (2006)
Coming soon!

The Killing Floor (2004)
Coming soon!

Pearls For Pigsnawps (2003)
Coming soon!