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Christian Slater

Born Christian Michael Leonard Slater on August 18, 1969 (New York), he is an actor and producer who debuted on 1985 in the film The Legend of Billie Jean . He gained more recognition and fame with the film Heathers on 1988. Other of his most well-known works are True Romance, The name of the Rose and Interview with the Vampire. You can read more about his films in the Filmography section.

Christian is known to support several charities, from stray animals to AIDS awareness, humanitarian work in South Africa and others. He is also a self-proclaimed feminist ally.

Regarding this last piece of information, it's a fact that Christian has had some problems with life, law, love and drugs... Lately, he's recovered, works to keep sober and has redone his life for the better. I can only applud him for that! Also, supporting women now more than ever, shows that he's mature and a better person now. He also supports women in the Hollywood industry against all abuse scandals, which tells a lot about him.

He is mostly working on the TV show MR. Robot as I write this, which is giving him the recognition he deserves.