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Ryo Hazuki

In the game Shenmue, Ryo is the only child of Iwao Hazuki, who owns a dojo in the Hazuki Reisdence located in the small area of Yamanose, Yokosuka.
He is a 18 years old japanese teenager whose mother died of an illness when he was 3. He was taught martial arts by his father, in the style of the Hazuki family. His adventure begins on November 29, 1986. His father is killed by a mysterious man called Lan Di, who irrupts in the dojo looking for a special mirror hidden in it.
Then Ryo decides to drop high school and seeks to avenge his father.

If you wish to know more about Ryo or Shenmue, you can check out the sections below, which are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check back in a while!
Ryo in depth Ryo's friends and family Ryo's martial arts style
Shenmue plot guide Locations Neighbours


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Why Ryo?

Simply, Shenmue is my favourite game forever. I still own my Dreamcast (yes) and still play Shenmue. Shenmue was the game with which I learnt most of my English since I was a kid! And I love the game because it's so immersive, it has a life of it's own in which you participate! It's a crazy premise and such an ambitious project that became a treasure and which couldn't save the company SEGA, but at least they went away with their heads up and proud ♥
And Ryo is the cherry to top it all. He doesn't look as charismatic as we make him out to be, but in a way I think he stole our hearts ^^. I feel for him when I play, I always try my best to kick those sailors out! And I love to see the story as if it was a japanese Dorama :3 All in all, Ryo is a nice change for a protagonist, if you ask me.
We always kinda get the same type of protagonists if you know what I mean, but with this story it was different and I like that. Besides it makes you feel like you could find a Ryo in the streets! I think I'm ranting way too much now, just so you know, Ryo is really dear to me as is this game ♥
I'll be happy to get contacted about the game or the character any time! You can contact me here :D

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You are currently viewing version 1 of Suedehead. I wanted it to resemble the Memo Pad in which Ryo writes his diary and important stuff! I don't think I succeeded much, but I like the outcome :3
Why did I name the fanlisting with such a weird name? HUH? Well, Suedehead Ryo is the nickname (besides baby boy Ryo) given to him by the woman at the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka.
A Suedehead is "a young person of a subculture characterized by an appearance similar to that of skinheads but generally with slightly longer hair and smarter clothes." I think she calls him Suedehead because he's always been of the rebell, reckless type. Just like others call him punk out of disrespect, I think he gives out the idea of him being a bad guy :D Which I think suits him in a way! Besides I love that word and style, so I thought it was fitting ♥

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