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Now I understand. The real reason I came to this town.


Here you can find the sites in my network. I'm listing important shrines here, but to see all my fanlistings you should visit my fanlisting collective :3
What is a shrine? A shrine is like a fansite, it's a website dedicated to a certain subject or topic you love, to show appreciation and offer different kinds of information and media. What makes it different is that shrines, usually, offer personal views or opinions about the subjects, besides the regular information, in the form of essays and you can find lots of reading material and also get to know more about the people who write them! I hope you like my sites and find something of your interest!

My fanlisting collective! I have LOTS of fanlistings and I'm so proud to be the owner of all of them! If you wish to know more about what I like, this is one of the best places :D I love to take care of fanlistings, some of them are even shrines too!

This is my guide to fanlisting making! It's an ongoing project I have been working on in the shadows for the past couple of years and I'm just now bringing it to life. It's meant to cover all the relevant information on building a fanlisting, what is a fanlisting and useful tools and pages for this hobby.

A shrine devoted to Tobias Forge! The mastermind behind Ghost and a great musician and entertainer ;D My current favourite voice! I love him.

Ghost is my favourite band and I'm planning on converting the fanlisting into a shrine. I need to work a lot on it but I'm so proud to have the fanlisting already! ♥

Shrine dedicated to Subvision, one of the bands in which Tobias Forge has worked. This band was amazing! In this shrine I analyze and talk about their songs and it also has information, a future gallery, etc :3

This is the fanlisting and soon to be shrine for Ryo Hazuki, the main character of my favourite videogame, Shenmue. I intend on writing extensive essays about the Shenmue universe and Ryo soon :D

A srhine for Vincent Smith of Silent Hill 3! I love this character and it's a mystery, so I'll try to investigate and write my theories and knowledge about him!

As you see, I still have a lot of work to do with my shrines. I have a lot of ideas and need time to write everything down. I hope you like my sites and fanlistings nonetheless!