I've gathered a list of links for you with more interesing Legend of Legaia related stuff. If you have a related site and would like me to include it here, feel free to contact me :3

  • RPGClassics Agora's Legend of Legaia Shrine
    This is about the most complete shrine I've ever found about the game ever! And I've only found it recently. It's old fashioned because it's old. But it's so true and well done it's good. Please visit it!
  • Legend of Legaia Wikipedia article
  • Legend of Legaia OST
    Youtube user Phantomizer uploaded back in 2014 the amazing OST of this game. I love Legend of Legaia's OST and I'm actually listening to it while coding and writing this website! Haha. Have fun listening to it too!
  • Legend of Legaia - Jeremi - 10 Hours
    10 hours of my favourite song of the game. I never thought I would find such a thing, so I usually put it on repeat myself. But I recently found this! Now I feel like less of a weirdo haha! Enjoy having this on background forever like me~ Thanks XCVB!
  • Legend of Legaia - Prologue (guitar cover) by Rangga Pranendra
    Youtube user Rangga Pranendra did a guitar cover of the prologue song back in 2010! I just found it and couldn't help it, I had to add it to the link list. I love it and I hope you will listen to it too!
  • Legend of Legaia at GameFAQS
    Are you stuck in the game? Want to complete 100% of it? Or simply want to have a look at the boards and see what people say or think of the game? Just follow that link and you'll directly go to the FAQs page for the game.

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