Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia was created in 1998 for the Sony Playstation. It's a Role Playing videogame by the hand of Prokion and produced by Contrail (as anyone who has played the title numerous times like me could tell ^^).
The game starts and you learn about Legaia, a world were humans and Seru live together in harmony. So much, that sometimes a Seru can join a human and give him special powers.
But then suddenly, a mysterious mist appears and makes Seru become mad and attack people, transforming them into monsters. Humans were in danger and decided to hide and live in peace, far from the dangers of the mist, in small areas of land where possible.

Now, 10 years after the first encounters with the mist, our hero Vahn joins forces with young and innocent Noa and strong and disciplined Gala in a quest to vanquish the mist. But not alone, they discover the powers of three Ra-Seru, Seru who are immune to the mist, so they can walk around the world without being affected by it.
Will our heroes succeed in their quest to save the world from the mist?

The fanlisting

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Why Legend of Legaia?

Legend of Legaia has been my favourite RPG since I was a child. I remember playing it nonstop and then playing it again years later. I still play it nowadays and it never gets old to me.
I like the story and atmosphere behind it, the characters, the places you visit, the OST!! Everything's so beautiful to me. So, when I went to check if there was a fanlisting for it (which I remember there was one...) and saw there wasn't one listed, I just had to make one. I plan on making this a shrine with time and updates, so please come back soon because I love this game and will be putting my time and effort on it (which I've already been all my life xD).

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