A guide to fanlisting making

About the site

I've been making fanlistings since 2006, I think. I lived the fanlisting boom and what it meant: applying for subjects and often getting rejected because many other people applied too and it was crazy, oversaturated servers at TFL.org, etc.
When I first got into fanlisting making there was no one to teach me how to do it. Well, I'm lying here. There was actually a pretty good tutorial over at TFL.org that I believe has been deleted by now. It had a sample fanlisting and explained everything quite well, but what I mean is, besides that, everyone went their own way about making fanlistings and there wasn't many people willing to help out there.

Right now, year 2018, fanlistings seem to be less popular, fansites in general seem to be less popular (what with the youtube boom and all that stuff), so many subjects that were popular back then are now vacant! And not many people keep making fanlistings or fansites/shrines anymore, only us geeks :D
So as a kind of tribute to a hobbie that has given me hours of entertainment and helped me live my passion for the things and people I'm fan of, as well as for webdesign, I wanted to start my own guide to fanlisting making.

My ultimate goal is to help you take the plunge and start making fanlistings! Really, that's my motivation. I want fanlistings to be a thing again, or at least something cute and cool that has a good idea behind and that we have cared for for many, many years now.

Anyway, if you would like to start making websites, but you don't want to take any big projects and just want to design for fun, fanlistings are a great idea. So I hope you will keep reading through my articles or guides whenever I update them!