What is all this about?

You may be wondering what is this craziness. First of all, you may be interested in taking a look at my site: A guide to fanlisting making to get a better grasp of what a fanlisting is, what we do with them and to learn how to start making them!

A fanlisting collective is a place where fanlisting owners keep their fanlistings.
A fanlisting is a site dedicated to a certain topic (musician, videogame, character, food...) which you can join to show your love!
So if you are interested in discovering my fanlistings and collective, please keep reading and clicking around! And if you aren't fond of the idea, well, I hope you find something else to interest you :D

Current layout

The layout you are viewing is Version 3 of GOOD love! I needed a new layout for the collective and the first thing I thought when looking for pictures for a header was Karisuma Sensei. You know, back in the days when Kagrra, were an active band, bassist Nao had an alter ego, he dressed up in TV host fashion, with huge sunglasses and a huge bowtie and would act... weird xD My first nickname on the internet was Carisma-sensei because I loved him so much! Hahaha. And... that's it, the header is a collage of pictures of Nao dressed as Karisuma Sensei, with resources from:
-Lookslikerain @ DA
-Crazykira-resources @ DA
-77words-defunct site
-Urei - Nao's photobook

Past layouts

These are the past layouts for this collective.

Version 1: feat. MBLAQ Version 2: Earthbound