·What is all this about?

You may be wondering what is this craziness. A fanlisting collective is a place where fanlisting owners keep their fanlistings.
A fanlisting is a site dedicated to a certain topic (musician, videogame, character, food...) which you can join to show your love!
So if you are interested in discovering my fanlistings and collective, please keep reading and clicking around! And if you aren't fond of the idea, well, I hope you find something else to interest you :D

·Current layout

The layout you are viewing is Version 2 of GOOD love! I was fed up with my first and only layout, made back in... *checks site's footer for opening date* 2011!! I opened this collective in 2011 and it still had the same layout. Fascinates me.
ANYWAY! The design features an image of Ness of Earthbound (or Mother 2 in Japan). I wanted something pixely and sweet this time, but it kinda collided with the rest of the design and... well... resulted in what you are looking at now xD I hope it's not too colourful!

·Past layouts

These are the past layouts for this collective. Only one for now!

Version 1: feat. MBLAQ