Charlotte (Sharurotto) was a Japanese Visual Kei band that has been around for some years, but saddly enough, it's not really known amongst the VK/Jrock fanbase out of Japan.
About their music, we could say they made a somehow happy-like music, that goes from rock, to punk or blues.They had a kind, cute image with those school uniforms they used to wear (it was part of their concept), and their songs are most known because of their happy sound.

Charlotte started their activities with a live at Yokohama Arena Sound Hole on December 2000.This live was a kind of challenge for the band, and the members were Kazuno(Vocals), Ruka (Bass), Takane (Drums) and Mitsujou (Support guitarist).
Mitsujo entered the band as official member on February 2001 and this was the official start of Charlotte. Their first real concert took place on 21 February at Yokohama Avenue.

Touya entered the band as second guitarist on November 2001, and by that time they changed the way to write their band's name from simply "Charlotte", to katakana characters.

Charlotte disbanded in 2011, after Kazuno passed away. Ruka and Mitsujo are currently in a new band, DNA+.

The members are (from left to right in the design picture):


Name: Ruka.
Position: Bassist.
Birthplace: Yokohama.
Birthdate: June 23.
Weight: 64 Kg.
Type of woman you like: Manga/anime character.
Favorite colour: White and black.
Detested colour: Shocking pink, because it's hard to the eye.
Favorite food: Sweets and meat.
Detested food: Eggplant.
Tobacco brand: Mild Seven.
Favorite Cup Size: Whatever I can touch I like.


Name: Mitsujou/Mitsujo
Position: Guitarist.
Birthplace: The Earth (this guy is very clever :0...)
Birthday: After christmas (the day after maybe?)
Blood Type: Green hope (gshfgsdjgf :x)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 52000g
Type of woman you like: Sexy and cute.
Type of woman you hate: Considerably fast moving hands(strong? women who move their hands fast?o_O)
Favorite color: Pretty/beautiful colours.
Favorite food: Chocolate.
Detested food: Chinese parsley.
Favorite drink: Mamie/Mumy
Tobacco brand: Marlboro Menthol.
Favorite Cup Size: If she's a woman it's okay


Name: Kazuno
Part: Moaning (xD He means VOCALS, doesn't he?)
Birthplace: Yokohama
Birthday: 11/13
Blood Type: O Type
Height: 173cm
Weight: 64kg
Eye Sight: From Left 1.0 Right 1.0 to 0.9 0.9 because I'm ugly (lol)
Foot Size: 27.5
Favorite Type of Girl: A sexy woman, who's also good at cooking
Hated Type of Girl: A persistent, ugly woman
Favorite Color: Baby, white skin, black body
Favorite Food: Yes, cheese
Hated Food: Cucumber, fish
Favorite Drink: Tea, Visual Kei (...)
Hated Drink: Red Tea, Liquor
Favorite Music: ZONE
Favorite Cup Size: At least a D cup
Dream for 2007: Do my best with Charlotte. I hope to meet large sized breasts. (...)


Name: Touya
Part: Rock guitar
Birthplace: Sea
Birthday: Alone on 8/11
Blood Type: O type
Height: 177cm
Weight: 60kg
Eye Sight: I used to be Left: 0.1 Right: 0.3
Foot Size: 27 ~ 27.5cm
Favorite Type of Girl: Sentimentalist
Hated Type of Girl: One who's like a virgin
Favorite Color: RGB
Favorite Food: Ramen, Natto
Hated Food: Tomato
Favorite Drink: Doctor Pepper
Hated Drink: Tomato Juice
Tobacco: Light Marlboro
Favorite Music: Mr. Nishikawa Susumoo 's voice
Favorite Cup Size: A balanced body is good
Dream for 2007: You cannot discourage a strong person!!


Name: Takane
Part: A percussion instrument
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Birthday: 10/19
Blood Type: O Type
Height: 172cm
Weight: 62kg
Eye Sight: Left: 0.7 Right: 0.6 I have an astigma...
Foot Size: 27cm, For skate shoes it's 27.5cm
Favorite Type of Girl: Long hair and nice body
Hated Type of Girl: One who doesn't have common sense
Favorite Color: Green, black, brown
Favorite Food: Steak
Hated Food: Fish
Favorite Drink: Melon Soda
Hated Drink: Hot lemon tea
Tobacco: Red Marlboro
Favorite Music: Boowy Blues Hearts, Visual Rock
Favorite Cup Size: From B to D
Dream for 2007: Live healthily

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