Welcome to Bakumatsu Koukousei, a fansite and Tfl.org approved fanlisting dedicated to the now disbanded visual/oshare kei band Charlotte (しゃるろっと). Navigation is to your right, please enjoy your stay and, if you are a fan of this amazing and fun band, please join the fanlisting!

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Last updated: 09th October 2019
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This fansite existed previously under the name of Yokohama Love Story, but I had to close it down with my domain. Now I'm reviving it to show my love for this band and offer a nice place where new fans can get information and media of this great band.

Bakumatsu Koukousei (2012 - present) is maintained by Janna and is part of the G.O.O.D love collective.
I'm in no way affiliated with Charlotte or any of their representants, this is only a fansite and no copyright infringement was intended ♥
Current design was kindly made by Jessica as a Secret Santa present for me! Only edited a bit for readability purposes. Thank you so much! ♥