Bang Yong Guk

Bang Yong Guk, also known as Jepp Blackman in the underground hip-hop scene, is a South Korean rapper, producer and song writer. He is the leader of the Kpop band B.A.P but he also creates his own solo work.

He has a deep voice that makes him so special and different from everyone else. His solo works are more focused on his own feelings and stories, they tend to be darker and more emotional than those for B.A.P.

He first debuted with a collaboration song with Jieun, Going Crazy, in 2011. After that, that same year, he released his first solo single I Remember, featuring Yoseob (B2ST). It was just a question of time, in November of that year he started a sub-unit called Bang&Zelo with Zelo, fellow member of B.A.P.
In January of 2012, B.A.P debuted with their first single which left us all breathless!

The fanlisting

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Why Bang Yong Guk?

I don't even know where to start. What I first heard of Yongguk was I Remember, then immediately looked for his Jepp Blackman recordings. I specially liked his collaboration in a song called I'm a Balla and then I thought "They totally should make a band with him as a leader".
The next day, LITERALLY, I saw Bang&Zelo and B.A.P being announced and I was SO happy!
Yongguk is one of my favourite Korean voices, if not the top 1. I'm always in between his and Zion.T's. I honestly love his solo works, his voice is soothing and deep (I love deep voices) and I would like to remark his 4:44 am song and his collaboration with Sleepy in the song Body Lotion. I just can't get over how good his voice is and will keep cheering for him because he is amazing!

Site and layout

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You are currently viewing version 1 of Unbreakable. Why did I name the fanlisting like that? Because Unbreakable is one of my favourite B.A.P songs and the title goes well with Bang Yong Guk. No matter what, he keeps fighting and standing for what he thinks is right and for his dreams. He is the best leader and offers this unbreakable image. But I hope they are taking good care of him really, because he goes through a lot continuously and deserves it ♥

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