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Now I understand. The real reason I came to this town.

Fiction in fiction

My name is Janna, and I'm currently a red haired freak and nerd from Valencia (Spain). I was born in 1990 and I've been making graphics, designs and websites since 2006.
I started with a website hosted at Freewebs in 2006, of which I can't even remember the content. Later, I had my own domain years ago (hana-no-miyako.net), but had to close it down due to lack of money... All my websites, projects and fanlistings were gone.
Years after I got the urge to create fansites, fanlistings and shrines to share with others. This site was born on November 2011 and is currently hosted at three-words.net ♥. I'm SO thankful for this space on the internet, you can't even imagine.
Anyway, this site's name comes after a song by the Kpop band B2ST. I was really into it at that moment and even created a matching first layout for it (which you can see in the past layouts section below).
I've been web designing since I was 16. I started with livejournal icons and layouts, and then moved on to website making.
Besides that, my hobbies also include listening to music, a lot of music!, videogames, tabletop games!, watching films, learning languages... More may be added sometime, but for now, that's who I am :D

Current Layout

You are currently viewing version 4 of Fiction in Fiction, featuring images from Silent Hill 2, my favourite game in the series!
I avoided changing my network's layout because it featured Tobias Forge and I love him haha. I also had a huge layout block in regards to the network, I didn't know what images to use! Finally, I decided I would go with Silent Hill 2 because it's my videogame obsession and it represents me a lot.
So here it is, a very simple but clean design.

Past layouts

These are screenshots of past versions of Fiction in Fiction. I'll need to create a gallery or archive for this sometime soo haha! You can click the images to see a larger preview! Please do not take parts of them to create your own graphics or anything!