Fiction in fiction

My name is Janna, and I'm from Valencia (Spain). I was born in 1990 and I've been making graphics, designs and websites since 2006.

I started with a website hosted at Freewebs in 2006, of which I can't even remember the content. Later, I had my own domain years ago (, but had to close it down due to lack of money... All my websites, projects and fanlistings were gone.

Years after I got the urge to create fansites, fanlistings and shrines to share with others. This site was born on November 2011 and is currently hosted at ♥. I'm SO thankful for this space on the internet, you can't even imagine.
Anyway, this site's name comes after a song by the Kpop band B2ST. I was really into it at that moment and even created a matching first layout for it (which you can see in the past layouts section below).

I've been web designing since I was 16. I started with livejournal icons and layouts, and then moved on to website making.
Besides that, my hobbies also include listening to music, a lot of music!, videogames, tabletop games!, watching films, learning languages... More may be added sometime, but for now, that's who I am :D

Current Layout

You are currently viewing version 2 of Fiction in Fiction, featuring the lovely, enigmatic, childish yet mature and overall fantastic Lain Iwakura from the Serial Experiments Lain anime.
Why did I choose her? I've always related to her some way or another. I'm always in touch with computers, sometimes I've been INSIDE my own computer, cleaning and rearranging stuff myself. I also own a bear suit (it's actually a cape! I put it on when it's cold and I need an extra warm, cozy feeling :D).
When I was a kid, I was one of the first to have computer and the first to have internet. We had this thing called AOL Avant with Intel Dot. Station which vaguely reminds me of Lain's computer (navi) seen on the right of this text. CRAZY RIGHT? I know. I loved that bastard. And also, well, about being shy and being able to break with that using internet (the Wired), which is how I started making friends online and talking about the interests I had :D
All in all, Lain is a dear character to me and I feel highly linked to her in a way. So that's why she's here with us! I hope you like it.

Past layouts

These are screenshots of past versions of Fiction in Fiction. You can click the images to see a larger preview! Please do not take parts of them to create your own graphics or anything!