I rewrite it once again, the start beginning with you and I smiling happily
In case you will leave me, the background is a small room without an exit
~Fiction - B2ST

About Fiction in Fiction

My name is Janna, and I'm from Valencia (Spain). I was born in 1990 (not writing my actual age because I would have to change it over time xD) and I'm most known arround the internet as carisma_sensei or Xana.

This site was born on November 2011 and is currently hosted at three-words.net ♥. This site's name comes from a song by the amazing Kpop group B2ST~
I had my own domain years ago (hana-no-miyako.net), but had to close it down due to lack of money... But here I am now! I owned various fanlistings, Jrock themed mostly, which is what I'll be doing here! Now my interests have changed a bit, so Kpop will most likely take over this network :3

I've been web designing since I was 16. I started with livejournal icons and layouts, and then moved on to website making.
Besides that, my hobbies also include listening to music, a lot of music! (my favourite genres are metal, Kpop and Jrock), videogames, watching films, learning languages... More may be added sometime, but for now, that's who I am :D