I rewrite it once again, the start beginning with you and I smiling happily
In case you will leave me, the background is a small room without an exit
~Fiction - B2ST


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June 24th, 2016:
HI EVERYONE!! It's been like... 3 years since I last updated or did anything with my site. What a shame!
I wanted to update, for anyone and all of you who may be reading this or visits my network for whatever reason, that I'm slowly but surely coming back. I just finished Uni which was dragging. But I'm alive!!
For now I revived my graphics community @ livejournal (see it in network section). And now I'm on the process of reviving this site and coming back with new fanlistings! Sounds exciting right?
I don't have any contacts with other site owners, so if you happen to find this and would like to make friends, chat or share designing tips and stuff, I'm all for it! Any comments, suggestions and messages are welcome :3

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