Welcome to the Fiction in Fiction network. My name's Janna and this is the place where I keep all my sites, shrines and fanlistings! I have a wide range of interests, so my sites are usually about music, videogames, characters that specially caught my attention and love, movies and series. I hope you find something interesting and feel free to contact me about anything related to my sites or networks.
Please enjoy your stay ♥

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March, 10th 2018
Sorry for the absence! I've been really bussy with other stuff in my life lately. I haven't worked on any new sites or fanlistings, but I'm going to apply for a new fanlisting or two just about now xD I hope everyone is having a great time in general and to be back soon with more stuff for everyone to enjoy!

November, 25th 2017
I'm SO HAPPY to announce that I built a fanlisting and shrine for Christian Slater. Omg. He's my favourite actor and I love him a lot, so as you can imagine, I'm quite proud of it! Please join if you are a fan :3

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